Polanowska-Sygulska Beata, Pluralism and Religion Again: Reply to Henry Hardy

Opublikowano: AFP 2020/3/127-129
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Pluralism and Religion Again: Reply to Henry Hardy

Responding to my review of his fascinating In Search of Isaiah Berlin: A Literary Adventure , Henry Hardy charges me with raising, in the critical part of my review, „some minor quibbles rather than plunging straight into the main topic” . According to Hardy, my being „distracted into unprofitable byways” confuses the reader and averts attention from „the nub of our disagreement” . Let me then follow Hardy’s advice and tackle the main problem right away. Let me also disregard our disparate backgrounds and temperaments and limit myself solely to intellectual argument. What Hardy and myself wrangle about is the relationship between Isaiah Berlin’s pluralism and universalist religions such as Christianity and Islam. Hardy insists that pluralism and religion cannot be reconciled. In his view, taking pluralism seriously entails rejection of the universalist tenets of the principal world religions. Berlin was of the opposite opinion, and so am I.

Let us step into Hardy’s shoes. According...

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