Opublikowano: PPP 2019/10/77-85
Rodzaj: artykuł

Legal protection possibilities for citizens concluding public contract with public authorities, based on German law

Keywords: public contract, legal protection measures, administrative procedure, means and forms of public administration activities


In a constantly changing economic and social environment public administration has to perform various tasks. New challenges resulting from globalization, digitalization and social development force the public authorities to utilize new effective forms of executing public tasks. To that end, the public law contract had been introduced in German law. It is a great inspiration for Polish doctrine, hence currently the possibility to introduce public contracts to Polish law has been discussed. Among other aspects, one key issue is the question of legal protection possibilities for citizens in the context of the conclusion of the public contract.

Therefore, in the following, the German administrative law institution will be briefly presented in this paper: the relation of public contracts in comparison with administrative acts, differentiation of public contracts...

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